Why Hai Yifan Stainless steel sheet is priced higher?
The price of Wuxi Hai Yifan metal products Co., Ltd. Stainless steel sheet may be slightly higher than that of some manufacturers in the market. However, we promise that what our customers get is the most cost-effective products. We price the products based on many factors such as raw materials cost, labor cost, and manufacturing cost. Generally, the raw materials adopted by us are sourced from reliable suppliers, which takes us a certain amount of money but is worth it. In addition, the quantity of required products may influence the final price we offer. In the market, the larger the quantity is, the more favorable the price we offer is.

Hai Yifan is a famous Stainless Steel Plate maker in China. The Stainless Steel Pipe series is one of the main products of Hai Yifan. After HYF Stainless Steel Coil is completed, quality and safety inspection will be carried out accordingly. It will be sent to a third-party testing organization which provides a professional evaluation in terms of electrical apparatus safety and electrical compatibility. It features a low heat treatment deformation rate. The market prospect for this product is very promising. There are no burrs and cracks seen on this product.

We put emphasis on sustainability work. We have a close dialogue with suppliers and business partners about the adoption of sustainable materials.
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