What exhibitions does Hai Yifan participate in?
Wuxi Hai Yifan metal products Co., Ltd. participated in a number of exhibitions and seminars. Exhibitions are a great way to display products and get feedback from customers. At the show, we can communicate with other exhibitors on production technology and product management.

Hai Yifan is regarded as the competitive producer in the Stainless Steel Coil industry. The Stainless steel plate series is one of the main products of Hai Yifan. HYF Stainless Steel Fittings is pre-tested and pre-certified. The results show that it exceeds not only current codes, but also exceeds the most stringent green building codes and standards in the market today. This product can stand up to harsh or acidic chemicals. There is room for continuous development for this product. This product can stand up to harsh or acidic chemicals.

All of our business activities and production practices comply with environmental regulations. We will spare no effort to reduce our negative environmental influence during our production activities.
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