What about the plant size of Hai Yifan?
In the Stainless Steel Fittings business in China, the Wuxi Hai Yifan metal products Co., Ltd. factory is highly competitive. Unique workshop has been established for the different manufacturing processes of the factory. In the future, we will continue to expand the production of the factory and will complete the construction of the entire supply chain in order to be competitive in the global market.

After years of development, Hai Yifan has become a well-known brand in China's Stainless Steel Fittings industry. The Stainless Steel Fittings series is one of the main products of Hai Yifan. HYF stainless pipe has a better design. It goes through mock-up construction. And the design is ameliorated based on the test performance of the field mock-up. Thanks to its tensile strength, this product is less likely to fracture and breakage. It has overcome some defects of old ones and has broad development prospect. Its seamless structure eliminates the chance of bacteria accumulation.

We energetically promote environmental protection and sustainable development. We will use cost-effective and mature technological production facilities to reduce environmental negative influence.
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