Toilet Seats Are Boring

by:HYF     2020-06-09
So you think toilet seats are boring? I guess you haven't been finding a replacement toilet seat lately. It used staying a bit like ancient quote attributed to Henry Ford, 'you can have color so long since it is black' I don't think it was true in Fords case and might you remember about quite true in the case of toilet seats. For many years you had a choice of black, white or wood. To be able to the use of plastic for household goods it was wood or nothing, although you most likely had a call of wood but obviously the more attractive woods like mahogany were not cheap. With the advent of plastic seats there came a new generation of smooth and shiny seats, usually black in dyes. They were regarded by many as more hygienic than wood, certainly they were easier to clean, and the eliminated the danger of splinters where you least expected them. It wasn't prior to you had the option of a white toilet seat which a lot of people obviously preferred, believing that it looked more aesthetically pleasing and possibly 'cleaner' if you like. Of course wooden seats remained as available for people that preferred the look of wood, for you to mention the warmth of a wooden toilet seat when compared to the the cold plastic ones. Also have been developments in the wood finishes available which made wooden seats easier to clean without the require scrubbing bare logs. We haven't yet considered the hardware used to attach the seat towards the toilet itself, usually some sort of hinge arrangement with bolts to fix the seat on the porcelain pan. These fittings would usually be of brass for the costly seats or iron or steel for that cheaper market. Steel of course rusts very easily, chrome plating can help delay this but unfortunately not forever, features something that you chrome plate steel means a complicated process of first coating the steel with other metals such as zinc and brass. Purchase in the supermarkets means the fittings cost more. The invention of stainless steel meant you didn't need the complicated plating progress help make rust roof toilet seat hardware. Now of course we have an appealing range of plastic toilet seats frequently have plastic fitting hardware too. Not surprisingly plastic is rather basic description on a whole range of synthetic materials from polypropylene to acrylic resin. There furthermore many wooden seats which have a vinyl coating rendering it them durable and easy to clean. When i say wood mean some regarding wood and resin compound like medium density fibreboard. Acrylic resins have the added attraction of being available in clear or translucent colors; this means foods high in protein embed objects on the inside resin such as sea shells, dried flowers, pictures even pieces of barbed wire! So now there's a lot of different novelty toilet seats available to match the decor of one's bathroom whatever the structure you choose no matter how wild or outrageous. Toilet seats boring, not any more.
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