The Purchasing Knowledge of Solar Water Heater

by:HYF     2020-06-12
In nowadays, with the development of technology, more and more family are choosing solar water heater. However men and women do not know how to pick the best solar water heater. Here is knowledge for you. Do choose the vacuum tube with big pipe diameter which manufactured by famous manufactures Vacuum tube is the core part of solar water heater. The performance of solar water heater is base on the quality of vacuum tube and area of concentration. The grade of identify of vacuum tube needs expensive specialized test equipment, so do choose the products from famous manufactures which have good performance guarantee. According to the national standard GBFFI7581-1998, the calculation of concentration area could be the biggest projected area of merchandise. So among the solar water heater using the same specification, you'd better presents vacuum tube with large diameter. The good quality water tank is ensure of product performance and family health Water tank is an element which used to maintain hot water. Only import stainless steel board with specialized welding equipment can manufacture the water tank which can ensure clean of water and bear test of time. The warm keeping performance water tank is very good performance and thickness of warm keeping layer. Generally speaking, applying with polyurethane one time whole foaming has a great performance. The high quality branches is the ensure of comfortable using The branch of solar water heater is important like chassis of car. The branches with high quality is not necessarily has a beautiful designed and convenient installation, but and this is strong and fixed and has complete accessories. Though reflector has a large contribution to the whole function of solar energy, while the mirror surface groove profile reflector with good quality can converges more power to vacuum underground. The solar water heater is all apply with food grade stainless steel as inner tank material, and processed with curing treatment. The comprehensive service from design to after-sale is the premise of using at ease The products you purchased should not only is products, but included perfect program. Except the enthusiasm service of agent, a great design of products, effective quality assurances are all true you should delight in.
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