Shot Blasting Machine as Great Helper of Workpiece

by:HYF     2020-06-19
Shot blasting machine is widely rubbed into the surface treatments of stainless steel castings, iron castings and others. It's very often called the favorable helper of workpiece surface processing. The amount do you understand about such a brewer? Then, the following can detailed introduction for it in terms of classification, structure, function and absolutely bonuses. According to the structure, the shot blasting machine can be classified into drum-type, chain plate type, trolley type, squirrel-cage type and rotary table type. However, the shot blasting machine accessories are quiet similar. Concretely speaking, a whole shot blasting machine system can be divided into four main parts, including impeller head, shot collecting, separation and transportation system, supporting body and dust pelletizing system. In general, the impeller head will cast the shot to certain direction under task of high centrifugal force that is generated from the high-speed rotary vane wheel. The part that is continuous to operate and overturn is called supporting body during the cleaning process. Whenever you pelletizing system, just as its name implies, is used to make sure the clean operating environment. When it comes to the function of shot blast machine, here is the brief introduction. Firstly all, it is widely used to freshen up the workpiece surface. For example, it can eliminate the burrs and rust for the iron castings. The elimination of scale cinder from various castings is also remarkable functions. As we all know, every single casting should be through quality inspection before leaving manufacturing plant. Therefore, to a large extent, surface treatment by shot blasting machine is equipment step of casting production. Besides, it are able to be used eradicate the surface contaminants from coating and give you a surface profile that can augment the coating adhesive force, which realizes the goal of strengthening the work surface. In the meantime, it's reduce the fatigue life of workpiece through increasing different surface stresses. In the end, the strength of workpiece could be improved largely, which can another method to bolster the workpiece. Just because of these functions, the shot blasting machine is widely applied to such industries as aerospace, automobile, aviation and tractor. After all, they ask for light-weight but high-reliability components and things.
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