Particle Size Analysis is an exciting Science

by:HYF     2020-06-25
The Minor M200 has been designed and manufactured to mix low cost making use of benefits of a reputable and well designed and engineered shaker incorporating many features usually found only on larger more expensive brand names. It is ideal for the laboratory or plant since around the globe compact and genuinely portable (weighing only 17kg). There are the same as rotating parts in the Minor M200 consequently it is quiet in operation and maintenance free. The sieve stack is held firmly set up between the location and clamp plates by poly fibre straps, these let the whole unit to be packed away in the space less than 200 mm greater. Simply set the 0 to 60 minute timer for a timed operation or select 'I' for continuous sieving.The vibrating action imparts an accurate movement to the sieve stack ensuring efficient sieving and excellent repeatability. The Octagon D200 is ideal for laboratories or on-page use. It is robust, compact and sufficiently lightweight in order to become portable. A digital display makes the setting functions very straightforward. The Octagon is powered by an electromagnetic drive offers no rotating parts to wear making it maintenance free and also quiet in surgical treatment. The vibratory action generated by the power unit moves the sample over the sieve in an unique way producing faster more efficient sieving, while the rapid vertical movements also help to prevent your apertures from blinding. The Octagon's digital controller is were accustomed to set both straightforward time and the amplitude setting while a further control enables the vibration to run continuously or intermittently. Intermittent vibration improves performance and helps to pay off apertures that may have become blocked. The controller will also set the volume of the 'on' and 'off' times within the vibration. The Octagon D200 Digital offers total flexibility enabling optimum settings with regard to established for every material under test.The shaker is fitted having a new and totally unique clamping device which ensures sieves are held firmly without overtightening and allows them being quickly removed and replaced. Non-metallic springs and anti-vibration mountings are fitted to isolate vibrations from work surfaces minimizing noise levels. The EFL recently been specially designed to jog with heavy samples without the loss of performance. It is provided with a dynamic power source that ensures the right vibration is imparted to the sample for fast, accurate and reproducible research. The vertical movement is fixed ensuring the sample spends maximum time seeking apertures rather than being suspended in mid air. There's no need vibratory action also helps keep the apertures clear and lacking in blinding. A special clamping device ensures sieves are held firmly without over-tightening and allows the be quickly removed and replaced.The timer can be pre-set for any duration up to an hour or continuous. The EFL has non-corrodible, non-metallic springs. The Slot Sampler is ideal for carrying samples of free flowing powders and granules, even slightly cohesive powders certainly where a large volume of sample is required without the requirement to retain the distribution from different depths. Produced in high quality 316 stainless stainless steel. A rotating sleeve is used to open and close slots in a hollow core and fill with sample. The sample can be recovered by simply tipping it out through the open end of the handle of the sampler. A bottle can be designed for the sampler for easier handling. Endecotts produce a number of microplate sieves made from electro-formerd nickel plate in stainless steel frames of 100mm or 200mm diameter. Provided by unique self clearing apertures sizes from 75 to 5 microns. Microplate sieves are supplied with either round or square holes. Other aperture sizes, sieve diameters and sieve depths could be supplied as need. It is recommended that microplate sieves utilized in conjunction using a liquid medium that can the passage of extremely fine particles through the apertures. In certain cases where this is not possible it is often found that a compatible shaker can speed up the analysis, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.
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