Ozone and Accelrated Ageing Test Chamber For Rubber

by:HYF     2020-06-26
Acmas Technologies introduces Accelerated Ageing Test Chamber for Rubber is used to test out the material characteristic of wire and cable sheathing, heat-shrinkable tubing, rubber or PVC materials. It's used widely in the industry, such as coating, printing ink, paint, resin, plastics, print. It is Equipped with a special ventilation regulator to maintain the renewed commitment inside when heating. This testing machine is designed with sophisticated air-displacement adjustment as well as a digital voltage meter, current meter, watt-hours; the timer can be previously measure the air replacement rate. Horizontal circulatory air supply system and each party of airflow regulator can ensure the internal temperature uniformity and stability. That used to study the rubber that is heated under the rotary mode in a fixed period. The inner bladder with the chamber is made of imported SUS304 stainless steel plate while the outer bladder is made of A3 steel plate sprayed with plastic. A micro-computer temperature and humidity controller is adopted with precise and reliable temperature and humidity. A large observation window is set from the chamber door. The outer door is made of mild steel sheet lined with stainless steel internally. This door is offered lock and key organization. Accelerated Ageing Test Chamber can provide a stable test space for pre-heating, drying, changes about physics and chemistry testing. It supplies precision temperature controller with high stability of platinum resistance to temperature that makes temperature well-distribution Use new high temperature resistant long shaft motor, Turbine fan, Silicone forced tight, Over temperature protection, super load automatic power system, Circulation system is through air force level schedule. Heating system is PID+S.S.R.The thermostat is PID microcomputer control, automatic constant temperature, temperature quickly compensation function. It can be customized according to customer specifications specified. Design fit with user-friendly, easy operation, safe and highly regarded. In addition to the accelerated ageing test chambers, acmas Technologies now provides storage capacity for real time aging. Even with the successful completion of accelerated testing, the FDA still requires stability testing to be performed using real time aging. Whether accelerated and/or real time testing is conducted, Acmas has the ability and convenience to provide the validations needed from both tests. Our stability testing services meet an associated with ASTM standards for accelerated aging and FDA stability testing standards for long term, intermediate and accelerated test conditions for drug substances, drug products and packaging.
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