New Bill Could Require New Menu Boards For Chain

by:HYF     2020-06-27
If the last fifty years has proven anything, every person that Americans love to eat. Unfortunately, what we eat consists of way too many unhealthy options and don't enough healthy recommendations. After all, 61 percent of New Jersey residents are too heavy. That is one cause the state of latest Jersey, as well as many other states in closing module 18 months, are passing bills want chain restaurants to post calorie counts of products on menus, menu boards, and drive-thru windows. Any chain restaurant with the equivalent of 20 locations nationwide would have to follow the rules, although buffets could be exempt. A similar bill has already been passed in Manhattan City, Seattle, and California in hopes that our nation will stop super-sizing our stomachs and start watching our weight. This bill comes recorded at a trivial time the economy, as most families with not much time or money place their children to fast food restaurants for a quick, inexpensive meal. Posting calories may not slow the adults down, but can possibly benefit in the long run, encouraging parents to make healthier choices due to kids. A movement towards healthier food is sweeping the nation and it comes just in time to teach our next generation a healthier way of food intake. Most restaurants are already offering more 'natural' selections, smaller portions, and healthier choice is. Chain restaurants are increasing in popularity and, as big companies move to better food, are required to redesign and upgrade all their menus, menu boards, and drive-thru windows. If you are an owner belonging to the chain restaurant far more than 20 locations, you may suffer by this movement for healthier food in chain restaurants, and will require upgrade all your menu boards. Away these different menu board systems for each your restaurant and business needs. NexGen Drive-Thru System The NexGen Drive-Thru System provides clients with a sleek and functional menu board for drive-thru software package. The unit is built to for maximum structural integrity, while still allowing you a variety of visual options in regards to colors and graphic stylisme. Preview Board Utilize the smaller footprint of Order-Matic's Preview Board, and maximize the efficiency of one's drive-thru. We offer our own custom designed digital graphics with you are able to that may you tabs catching unit that will help customers take notice. Solo Drive-Thru With Order-Matic's Solo Drive-Thru Interactive Ordering System, possess the ability to utilize a smaller profile, while still allowing you maximum graphic space. The top of tilt design area could be used to pre-sell promotions, or simply brand your housing. Double Extended Menu System With Order-Matic's Double Extended Menu System, you can optimize any drive-thru application, or multi-point ordering model. The Double Extended Menu System offers to 1600 square inches of graphic viewing space. If space is issue, this unit is available without the conclusion extender. Made of superior stainless steel construction, the Double Extended Menu System will integrate seamlessly with Order-Matic's high caliber communication system. Extended Menu System Whether you would like a menu system regarding any small drive-thru operation, or maybe you are produced in need of several ordering points, the Order-Matic Extended Menu Housing could be the perfect therapy. Made with superior stainless steel construction, this menu housing will integrate seamlessly with Order-Matic's value communication programme. Order-Matic is your customized 'One-Stop Shop' for manyof of your restaurant and business has. From Point of Sale equipment, communication needs, backlit signage to graphics, they've been there all upwards of 50 years!
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