Multi-Material Construct Callaway FT Fairway Wood

by:HYF     2020-06-28
Even though the lines of Callaway FT-I hot sale on the golf market, and additionally, they started made by the Fusion Technology, but people don't neglect the predecessor that may be the first time to introduce the Fusion Technology with spotlight, traditional look and versatility of the Callaway FT Fairway Solid wood. This is arguably surely the best looking fairway woods that Callaway has ever produced. The Callaway FT Fairway Wood delivers the utmost in performance and playability. Fusion Technology combines a metal face and body with a tungsten-loaded sole plate it will help keep strategically put the CG for optimal ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping control. Along with a lower leading edge, the sweet spot is much more accessible for several skill levels, while a dual runner design ensures cleaner turf interaction for many more flushed pictures. Callaway also added a dual-runner sole design, which gives lower new to do the sweet spot more available to players of assorted skill levels (the dual-runner design also interacts cleaner with the turf design more flushed shots). And golfers adore the traditionally styled stainless-steel hosel, which creates a good of performance and customization that be played by everyone from relative beginners to low handicappers. The FT looks fantastic at address and sets up very now. Ads by Google Callaway FT Fairway Wood Main Features:>Fusion Technology: Multi-material construction enters a new phase, combining a metal face and body with a tungsten-infused sole plate. Acne treatments . Callaway Golf engineers to strategically place the CG for optimal ball flight trajectories and shot-shaping control.>OptiFit Weighting System: Customize your club by choosing between two CG locations in most lofts: Draw for promoting a draw or reducing a slice/fade and Neutral for maximum workability.>Dual Runner Sole Design: The dual runner design ensures cleaner turf interaction for more flushed photographs. Design with a more affordable leading edge to boost the risk for sweet spot more accessible for various skill levels.>Traditional Hosel : A real look for Callaway Golf, the stainless steel hosel creates performance and customization that appeal to be able to wider array of players, truly use of Fusion Technology maintains all the playability benefits associated with an S2H2 and Tru-Bore design. The successful the FT makes it an easy club to hit from almost any lie. Cheap golf club sets it could actually not be as forgiving as other fairway woods but it offers a superior fantastic feel on well-struck shots. It is a bit odd to the Callaway wood with a hosel even so it really contributes to the traditional look. This article is from http://okgolfclubs.blogspot.com/
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