How many stainless steel square tubing are produced by Hai Yifan per year?
By serving the market with the annual production of stainless steel square tubing , we have consolidated our commitment to this market. We will continue to invest in increasing the capacity of our production facilities. We want to be able to meet all production requirements within one year and meet your order within an acceptable delivery time.

Wuxi Hai Yifan metal products Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to manufacturing Stainless steel profile since established. The Stainless Steel Plate series is one of the main products of Hai Yifan. HYF stainless steel flange has passed defects checks. These inspections include scratches, cracks, broken edges, chip edges, pinholes, swirl marks, repairs, etc. This product is able to endure strong UV light. The betterment and confirmation of this product help meet the requirements of consumers. It is widely accepted for its high melting point.

We always put emphasis on environment protection. We are taking action to reduce climate impact and optimize resource efficiency throughout our operations.
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