Hookah - Authentic Egyptian or Chinese Imposter?

by:HYF     2020-07-05
Making hookah is still a family tradition, along with the best hookah makers in Egypt have earned their spots through the continuity of traditional techniques. Glass bases are still created hand blown colored glass, and artists still decorate them by hand using paint, glitter, decals, or etching. Hoses are made entirely by hand, off of the cutting of the fabric to the turning in the wood that will end up being the handles to the addition of decorative elements such as braid, fringe, or locks. Shafts may be made of metals like stainless steel, brass, or chrome plated brass, but those metals are formed coming from the hands of master craftsmen, put together by skilled welders, and sometimes etched or decorated by artisans. Potters still use a potting wheel to complete the clay bowls that we call the 'head.' In short, every part for a genuine Egyptian hookah is crafted by hand using traditional techniques which generates an one-of-a-kind product every moment. Egyptian hookah are so admired and respected through the Middle East that you'd be hard pressed to locate a pipe in another Middle Eastern country that doesn't always have some part that is intended in Egypt! When the hookah craze hit the United States, the cultural icon of the Middle East fell prey to the assembly line mentality. It didn't take very long for the hookah end up being added to the listing of counterfeit products being produced in higher quantities in China for export to the American market. Because neither the owners of manufacturing plants or assembly line workers in China have a cultural stake or identity related to the product, the hookah they will produce involve no skillfullness. The glass bases are molded and then spray painted; the glass itself is not colored. Any designs on the glass are additionally spray painted on by machines. Machine made plastic hoses with plastic or simulated wood ends don't decorative elements on persons. Machines mold shafts made from tin, aluminum, probably a combination of those metals with stainless steel; sometimes, machines spray paint them in a color to match the glass. Porcelain, a material for which the Chinese are famous, has replaced the traditional clay bowl made from the rich clay of the banks of the Nile Pond. Cold, computerized Chinese machines have replaced the intimate touch of the Egyptian craftsmen whose work is a source of pride. Because Egyptian hookah set the industry standard, developing common for sellers to falsely label their Chinese look-alikes as 'authentic Egyptian' pipes. Many shoppers already been taken in by a misleading description coupled using a low price and think that they are buying real Egyptian hookah when, in reality, they get an imposter. Don't be tricked! Look for the identifying characteristics listed below decide if the hookah you need buying is the real deal. Characteristics of an Authentic Egyptian Hookah Authentic Egyptian hookah even now handmade using centuries old traditional methods. Crafted the particular hands of people which a cultural stake and identity in their product, every aspect of the authentic Egyptian hookah involves artistry and craftsmanship.The base of an authentic Egyptian hookah is hand blown colored glass that also comes in a variety of shapes and colors with painted by hand designs. The most telling aspect of an authentic Egyptian base is its characteristic bands of genuine 18K gold or platinum paint. Egyptian hoses are handcrafted using business cards and fliers and materials; they vary in style, color, and decorative elements. Shafts are hand formed stainless steel, brass, or chrome plated brass in various heights, number of hose holders, designs, and decorative elements. Egyptian shafts are never made of aluminum or spray painted in a color to match the glass base! An authentic Egyptian hookah is usually sold with the same number of hoses that the shaft will hold. If you are buying a 2-hose hookah, you get 2 hoses! Anyone who sells uthentic Egyptian hookah will have replacement parts available. Glass bases break and hoses should get replaced every few months for the sake of hygiene, advised you find important to can download individual parts to use in your hookah. Characteristics of china Imposter Hookah The Chinese imposter hookah are mass produced in factories by machines and noticing no cultural link to the product. The hookah all look the same, for would expect from anything made a good assembly line. Chinese bases are made from molded glass or acrylic that is spray painted with material that washes off with normal cleaning. Designs, if any, are identical with no variation in pattern or style because machines are preset to be look a certain way. Chinese hoses are made of plastic with plastic or simulated wood ends with no decorative elements. Sometimes the hoses are called 'pleather,' a marketing trick to make plastic sound better. Hoses are marketed as 'washable.' No hookah hose is truly washable because inside each one is really a wire coil around which the hose fabric is rapped. Running water while using hose only hastens the deterioration associated with that wire coil nailers! There is no such thing as a washable hookah hose pipe! Shafts produced in China are machine made of tin, aluminum, or a connected with those metals combined with stainless steel or chrome. They are sometimes spray painted in order to suit the color belonging to the glass. A hookah with a shaft that matches eliminating of the glass is not Egyptian! The shafts of Chinese hookah are associated with inferior metals that do not stand up on track wear and rip. Egyptian hookah, on the other hand, are produced from strong and durable metals that can withstand time and usage. Because sellers typically do not have replacement parts or accessories, they sell the Chinese hookah straight from the box. This means that multiple hose hookah are often sold with only one hose. If you're buying a 2-hose hookah, chances are that you will get only 1 hose!To make them more appealing to the American consumer, Chinese manufactured hookah are often sold with an arduous shell carrying predicament. What a great way to hide a lesser product!With the recent recall of various products manufactured in China, buyers need to be especially wary of hookah made in and imported from China because they are painted! To truly appreciate the cultural significance of the hookah and get the most of out for this hookah experience, you need the real point! While the price of some of chinese people imports may look attractive, please realize this is definitely a case finding what you pay for. A product that cannot stand until the usage where it was made is no longer a bargain when it has to get replaced over and all over again. Buy an authentic Egyptian hookah and support the artisans and craftsmen who, in a world dominated by bulk manufactured goods, continue things hookah the way they and their families have for centuries.The author's family has been handcrafting hookah in Egypt for four generations. They the actual largest importer of authentic Egyptian hookah to the Us continent.
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