Are we informed about stainless steel tube fittings weight and volume after shipment?
Wuxi Hai Yifan metal products Co., Ltd. supplies the weight and volume after stainless steel tube shipments. If you don't get it, then please contact our Customer Service. It's best for us and you to know how to compute shipping costs. We can creatively blend your packaging to streamline logistics and reduce transport costs.

Hai Yifan has won the trust of customers as a Stainless Steel Plate manufacturer. The Stainless Steel Plate series is one of the main products of Hai Yifan. HYF stainless steel cooling coil is manufactured in line with industrial standards. Its plug, electric cords, and socket are made complying with the local electricity supply system. It has the desired flexibility, thus it is easy to cut and utilize. The product offers superb sound reduction properties. This is achieved using dense cladding, adding internal insulation materials within the panels. There are no burrs and cracks seen on this product.

All of our business activities and production practices comply with environmental regulations. We will spare no effort to reduce our negative environmental influence during our production activities.
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